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FireEye Offers New Mandiant Consulting Services to Address Evolving Motives and Tactics of Advanced Threat Actors
Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 02:21:02 PM


New offerings designed to help utilities and manufacturers identify improvements in industrial control system security and security operations centers implement proven approaches for finding and stopping advanced attackers

Milpitas, California - Oct 8, 2014 – FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), the leader in stopping today’s advanced cyber attacks, today announced two new security consulting services to help organizations improve their internal capabilities for defending against advanced threat actors.

The first new service, the Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Gap Assessment, is designed for utilities and manufacturers that use SCADA systems, which attackers often target for destructive purposes. The new offering assesses existing security processes for industrial control systems, identifies security flaws and provides specific recommendations to safeguard critical manufacturing infrastructure.

“Every organization faces unique security challenges – especially when it comes to those in industries that require protecting their manufacturing infrastructure,” said Kevin Mandia, SVP and COO at FireEye. “As more nations develop cyber capabilities, the private sector will increasingly become a target for threat actors that seek to disrupt their operations. This service offering draws on Mandiant’s experience responding to critical security incidents at manufacturing organizations around the world.”

The ICS Security Gap Assessment service provides industrial organizations a roadmap for improving the security of their ICS and SCADA systems based on a complete evaluation of their security program, including their incident response readiness and ICS architecture. Specifically, the ICS Security Gap Assessment is designed to help customers:

  • Understand Risks to Industrial Control Systems – Mandiant consultants with ICS-domain expertise model and diagram the specific threats based on ICS network design, communications protocols, and access control systems that could disrupt or degrade operations.
  • Identify The Most Critical Needs – Organizations receive a comprehensive roadmap which prioritizes security gaps and includes specific recommendations for improving ICS security based on Mandiant consultants’ analysis, workshops, and industry-specific threat modeling.
  • Accelerate Response Times for ICS-Related Attacks – During the assessment, Mandiant consultants engage with the security, technology and operations teams to ensure a common understanding of the security risks to ICS systems and streamline the incident response process across these often-disparate organizations.

The second new service, Cyber Defense Center Development, addresses the challenges enterprises face as they seek to build out their own internal security operations program and incident response teams with best-in-class processes that go beyond the capabilities that are found in traditional security operations centers (SOCs).

“The typical security operations center receives thousands of alerts every day,” said Jurgen Kutscher, vice president of security consulting services at Mandiant, a FireEye company. “Identifying and prioritizing which alerts require immediate follow-up is often a significant challenge. The Cyber Defense Center Development service is designed to help organizations prepare for advanced threats by implementing processes and analysis techniques that we have observed to be effective in stopping some of the most advanced threat actors.”

Drawing on the intelligence and expertise that comes from responding to hundreds of security incidents every year, the Cyber Defense Center Development service helps customers achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop a Resilient Cybersecurity Framework – Mandiant consultants assess security operations across six foundational capabilities: governance, communications, visibility, intelligence, metrics, and response.
  • Streamline Analysis and Response – Mandiant consultants help build best-in-class processes for internal collaboration, analysis, and communication. In addition, consultants help establish metrics and measurement processes to track progress and evaluate capabilities relative to peer companies.
  • Optimize Supporting Technology – Mandiant consultants have extensive experience with all of the major tools and technologies commonly utilized by security operations centers. They will advise how best to integrate and configure these solutions to support individual security strategies. In addition, teams can help modify, monitor and tune rules over the course of the service to appropriately reflect business needs, protect critical assets, and adapt to the changing threat landscape. The Mandiant team will work in tandem with customer teams and even provide short-term operations support until a mature program is developed.
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