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Verizon and FireEye Join Forces To Secure Organizations From Advanced Attacks and Emerging Mobile Threats
Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 02:09:29 PM


Cybersecurity Leader Teams with Global Services Powerhouse to Offer Combination of Technology, Intelligence and Services to Scale Threat Protection for Organizations

Milpitas, California - Oct 29, 2014 – FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), a leader in stopping today’s advanced cyber attacks, and Verizon Enterprise Solutions (NYSE, NASDAQ: VZ), a leader in delivering global managed security solutions, today announced an agreement to bring together Verizon managed services and FireEye advanced threat protection capabilities. This agreement will enable FireEye and Verizon to offer the combination of technology, intelligence, services and expertise to help protect enterprises in today’s rapidly changing security landscape.

The increase in advanced persistent threats (APTs) has amplified the need for an intelligence-driven approach to security and advanced protection with near real-time detection and response. These advanced threats, combined with the emergence of mobile as a new attack pathway, make it more difficult for organizations to protect against modern attacks. The combination of FireEye technology and Verizon managed security services capabilities can help improve an organization’s ability to identify and stop advanced attacks while providing valuable insight into these threats. As part of the agreement, to protect against mobile threats and correlate attack data from the mobile vector, Verizon clients will have access to the FireEye® Mobile Threat Prevention™ (MTP™) offering.

“From working with thousands of clients around the globe we know there’s a need to update not only the security technology but how we think about combating today’s ever-evolving threat landscape,” said Kathie Miley, executive director, global security solutions, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “By teaming with FireEye, we’re able to offer clients the technology for detecting advanced threats, as well as the intelligence to provide our customers with the insight into the nature of an attack and a path to remediate before a threat becomes significant.”

“FireEye has always made threat intelligence a cornerstone of our approach to cyberdefense," said David DeWalt, CEO of FireEye. “This agreement with Verizon allows us to scale our threat intelligence and correlate data from across an organization - and in particular the mobile vector - to give customers improved visibility into multi-stage attacks.”

FireEye gives organizations insight into where an attack originates, the potential intent of the attackers, if this type of attack has previously been seen, and what actions organizations can take to protect themselves from similar threats. Verizon security analysts will correlate FireEye events with system-wide security alerts to enhance the threat detection process and help an organization transform their security capabilities to meet the needs of the modern threat landscape.

Mobile Threat Protection

FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) is designed to provide near real-time visibility into threats on mobile devices. FireEye MTP enables Verizon clients to gain an enterprise-wide view into mobile device compromise while offering a customizable enforcement option. It works in conjunction with the FireEye MTP app to assimilate and disperse threat information to mobile endpoints.

Scaled Threat Intelligence

Because signature-based approaches have proven ineffective against many advanced attacks, threat intelligence -- the accumulation of data based on malware, command and control infrastructure and threat actors – is a cybersecurity essential. The intelligence gathered from the millions of FireEye virtual machines installed worldwide, together with Verizon managed security services’ visibility into the Internet threat landscape, give joint FireEye and Verizon clients access to unparalleled levels of threat intelligence.

This intelligence will enable security teams to identify, block and provide context around the nature of an attack and potential attack groups to inform a more strategic response and remediation strategy.

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