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FireEye Announces Global Threat Intelligence Sharing Initiative at White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection
Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 02:08:04 PM


FireEye Provides Platform for Broader Sharing of its Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence Obtained Through Advanced Threat Detection Capabilities

Milpitas, Calif. – February 13, 2015 – FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), the leader in stopping today's advanced cyber attacks, today announced that it will launch its Global Threat Intelligence Sharing™ initiative as part of its commitment to helping companies leverage Adaptive Defense™ security architectures that better secure their organizations. The new initiative allows customers to quickly share anonymized FireEye threat intelligence with their partners, customers, and other trusted community members in order to develop a more robust community defense.

Powered by the FireEye Community Threat Intelligence™ (CTI™) platform, the initiative is designed to enable organizations to bi-directionally share threat intelligence with their community members in order to allow their business ecosystems to benefit from a unified cybersecurity strategy based on their unique threat landscape. CTI draws its intelligence from the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence™ cloud, which delivers indicators of compromise developed from threats that have been identified by FireEye’s millions of virtual machines deployed on networks across the globe. Organizations will be enabled to deliver threat intelligence in near real-time to members of their specific community. CTI also allows members of a community to augment and correlate global attack data with intelligence specifically gathered in their business environment, giving context for both widespread attacks and highly-targeted threat actors against which they will likely have to defend.

“Today’s threat landscape demands far more than just broad attack data being exchanged without any context for those receiving it,” said David DeWalt, chairman of the board and CEO, FireEye. “Protecting each other from commodity attacks is important, but, by creating an initiative to protect an entire community, FireEye will automate defenses for broad attacks and power different levels of context and customization to protect the community from targeted attacks.”

FireEye Advanced Threat Intelligence Plus™ (ATI+™) can enable the initiative to provide an additional layer of context to all those within the customer’s community. Looking beyond the technical details of attacks, ATI+ layers in global context from news and analysis on advanced threat groups, strategic domestic and foreign policy initiatives, as well as profiles of targeted industries, including information about the types of data most valued by attackers.

More details on the FireEye Global Threat Intelligence Sharing initiative will be released in the coming months. In the interim, to learn more about the power of FireEye Threat Intelligence, please visit:

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