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The FireEye® Email Threat Prevention Cloud (ETP) is a SaaS offering that combats against today’s advanced email attacks and provides anti-spam and anti-virus protection. Many organizations are embracing the cloud for email needs and FireEye’s ETP Cloud Platform provides a complete email security for their cloud mailboxes.

Organizations face an ever-increasing number of threats from email-based spam, viruses, and advanced threats. Email-based attacks, in particular spear phishing, remain one of the primary methods used to initiate an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack because it is difficult to detect them. With 23% of recipients opening phishing emails and 11% of users clicking on phishing attachments, email is the main vector used for targeted attacks. To protect against malicious emails, organizations can simply route messages through the Email Threat Prevention Cloud. ETP Cloud analyzes for spam and known viruses first, then uses the signature-less FireEye Multi-vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) engine to analyze every attachment and URL to detect threats and stop APT attacks in real time.

  • Works with on-premises MTAs and cloud-based MTAs
  • Comprehensive email security to combat known and unknown attacks that bypass traditional security
  • Protection against targeted spear-phishing attacks in REAL TIME
97 Percent

of organizations in the study were breached during the test period.

More than One Fourth

More than a fourth of all organizations experienced events consistent with tools and tactics employed by known advanced persistent threat (APT) factors.


Three-fourths of organizations had active command-and-control communications, indicating that attackers had control of the breached systems and were possibly already receiving data from them.

more than once per week

Even after an organization was breached, attackers attempted to compromise the typical organization more than once per week on average.

From Maginot Revisited: More Real-World Results from Real-World Tests, a FireEye Special Report published 2015.