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FireEye Oculus Continuous Monitoring
Real-time threat monitoring for advanced awareness of the most dangerous APT attacks

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FireEye Provides Real-Time Visibility into Advanced Threats

Your team is busy, and your adversaries know that. In today's threat landscape, advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks are often lost in the din of everyday alerts. FireEye helps you focus on what matters and what you can do to protect against the attacks that have successfully penetrated your traditional defenses.

Extending the FireEye Threat Prevention Platform, Oculus Continuous Monitoring provides real-time threat monitoring that leverages superior threat intelligence, global services, and research. The FireEye team, which includes some of the industry's top cyber analysts, constantly monitors subscribed systems for advanced attacks-not just in your organization but other organizations in your industry or geography.

FireEye taps into global, real-time threat intelligence continuously generated by thousands of FireEye deployments. This intelligence is made actionable by in-depth analysis of real-world outbreaks and advanced, bleeding-edge research. FireEye provides a unique value by diving deeper into potential threats. FireEye helps identify attackers that have a vested interest in exfiltrating your information assets-and assesses their intent and abilities so you can tailor your defenses.

FireEye provides a combination of expertise, professionalism, and targeted, relevant intelligence that is unmatched in the security industry. The FireEye Threat Prevention Platform provides unique insight into the world of cybercrime and warfare, delivering industry-specific, dynamic threat intelligence. Oculus Continuous Monitoring is a subscription comprised of these core components:

By identifying advanced cyber attacks quickly and generating proactive alerts and threat intelligence reports, Oculus helps organizations secure their business against attackers aiming to harm infrastructure and steal sensitive information and valuable data.


Download the FireEye Oculus Continuous Monitoring Datasheet (PDF).