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FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine

The FireEye Malware Protection System features dynamic, real-time analysis for advanced malware using our patent-pending, multi-flow Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine. The MVX engine captures and confirms zero-day, and targeted APT attacks by detonating suspicious files, Web objects, and email attachments within instrumented virtual machine environments.

The MVX engine performs multi-flow analysis to understand the full context of an advanced targeted attack. Stateful attack analysis is critical to trigger analysis of the entire attack lifecycle, from initial exploit to data exfiltration. This is why point products that focus on a single attack object (e.g., malware executable (EXE), dynamic linked library (DLL), or portable document format (PDF) file types) will miss the vast majority of advanced attacks as they are blind to the full attack lifecycle.

Virtual Execution Engine

Key Technology Features:

Newly discovered malware is installed and executed to completion within the FireEye MVX engine so that malware file locations, new registry keys, corrupted DLLs, etc. are all tracked in addition to outbound callback destinations. Now, analysis of polymorphic malware can be reliably automated to create dynamic blocking of inbound zero-day attacks and its outbound transmissions. Local zero-day malware intelligence is dynamically-generated by each MVX engine to provide real-time malware forensics used to protect the local network. This analysis can be shared globally through the Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud for use by all subscribers to stop inbound attacks and outbound data and resource thefts.