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Why FireEye?

Security-conscious organizations choose FireEye for industry-leading comprehensive protection against advanced threats. FireEye Oculus delivers best-in-breed threat prevention products, coupled with 24x7 global support, and rich actionable threat intelligence. The FireEye Threat Prevention Platform supplements traditional and next-generation firewalls, IPS, AV, and gateways, whose signatures and heuristics cannot stop this new generation of threats.

Complete Protection Against Advanced MalwareOrganizations are under assault by a new generation of cyber attacks that easily evade traditional defenses. These coordinated campaigns are targeted, stealthy, and persistent. And they are perpetrated by well-funded threat actors set on finding weaknesses in the organizational security posture. Traditional defenses – next-generation firewalls, IPS, AV, email and Web security gateways – were designed to detect known patterns of attacks using signature-based defenses. The new generation of attacks is dynamic, polymorphic, and coordinated to cut across multiple threat vectors and multiple stages – consequently there are significant security holes in the majority of corporate networks.

With security talent in short supply globally, organizations are also challenged to defend against the growing cyber threat landscape. And the ever-evolving threats and nation-state funded actors further push the limited security resources against the wall.

Combating these advanced threats and persistent adversaries necessitates a real time, proactive approach to security with an ability to respond immediately to any type of danger, and provide assistance to any type of company or entity anywhere in the world.

Through Oculus, FireEye offers the industry's first global, real time, continuous threat protection platform to help secure brands, intellectual property, and data against today's advanced cyber attacks. Oculus combines the power of products and people to assist organizations defend and respond to the evolving threat landscape.

Threat Prevention Platforms: By combining signature and signature-less detection, and providing visibility into the entire attack life cycle along with correlation across multiple threat vectors, FireEye stops today's advanced multi-vector, multi-stage attacks with near-zero false positives.

Dynamic Threat Intelligence: Complementing the FireEye platforms with rich and actionable threat intelligence allows FireEye to generate powerful insights, identify ever-evolving threat patterns, and isolate potential targets to continuously improve organizational defenses against advanced threats.

Support and Subscriptions: Building on the FireEye Threat Prevention Platform and Dynamic Threat Intelligence cloud, FireEye support and subscriptions provide advance warning of APT activities and access to the FireEye global team of researchers and incident response experts to augment organizational security teams in assessing their current security posture and protecting against advanced threats.