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New Data on Ever-Evolving Email Attacks
Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:16:15 AM

Like any species, email attackers flourish by being highly adaptable to their environment.

Their two great strengths are an excellent understanding of their prey and an equally good understanding of how they are being hunted.

Phish Where the Fish Are

Attackers are following their prey. Wherever people spend time online, danger usually lurks nearby. Attackers are exploiting the huge popularity of file sharing sites to host malicious files. They are also impersonating top-trusted global brands in order to steal information, credentials and money.

Like all successful predators, email attackers they are very swift to adapt and evade capture.

Their evasion techniques show equal sophistication. As an example, we are seeing a move to URL-based attacks and an increase use of HTTPS in malicious domains.

All of this points to the fact the organizations must be equally innovative and adaptive to stay ahead of these deadly predators.

For additional details around these facts and more, check out our recent infographic Ever-Evolving Email Attacks. Or, see how current email solution performs given these shifting behaviors with a free email analysis.

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